A Trade in People

Day 1 - Closed Doors 

...we are going to start this week by asking you to stop and think for a moment. We are going to ask you to imagine what it must be like to be detained behind the closed doors of an Assessment and Treatment Unit...

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Day 2 - A Trade in People 

...over the last year we have been working to develop an understanding of the inpatient system and why the government and others, have struggled to reduce the numbers of people in inpatient hospital provision...

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Day 3 - We are in the Money

...In 2015-16, the inpatient healthcare market for people with learning disabilities and/or Autistic Spectrum Disorders (‘ASD’) was estimated to be worth £284 million to the independent sector, most of which operated on a ‘for profit’ basis...

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Day 4 - The Impact on Families

...One of the factors that made us want to do this piece of work was that we could see the impact that the inpatient healthcare economy was having on people’s lives. Repeatedly we would hear of people who had to go into inpatient provision because of a lack of locally available support...

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Day 5 - 16 Years

A few weeks ago, 7 Days of Action was approached by a mother whose son is currently being detained in an in-patient service.


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a young man

Day 6 - Three Lives

... I came across the story of three young men who all started life in the same London borough. They all went to the same schools, although their ages range between 23 and 28. Since leaving school their lives have taken very different turns...

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blossoming daisies

Day 7 - A Denial of Rights

On the surface the theme of this week has been the way in which big business and the economics of the inpatient system have influenced/re-enforced the choices of local authorities and clinical commissioning groups... ...but running through almost every moment and every sentence is another theme – the theme of Human Rights being systematically denied.

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7 days of action

Your views and comments

The views and comments that you've sent to us about the campaign. 

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The 7 Days of Action Dude Tube

We decided that we would love to support some of these amazing people to share their interests with you, because at the end of the day, they are what this campaign is all about.

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