About SevenDaysofAction

About us

According to Mark Neary SevenDaysofAction is “a ragbag collection of people like us” (a line that he apparently pinched from Sara Ryan).

The three founder members of this “ragbag collection of people like us” are Jayne (from You Know), Debbie (mother to Eden) and Leo (mother to Stephen).  In December 2015 they began to plan the beginnings of a campaign that would raise awareness of the stories of those who have lived experience of Assessment and Treatment Units or other psychiatric inpatient settings.

By February 2016 the group had increased and included Mark (father to Steven), Jackie (mother to Robert), Eve (mother to Jack), Nina (mother to Tizane), Julie (mother to Jamie) and Nicola (mother to Ryan). We decided to call ourselves 7days of Action and the campaign officially launched and went live on 18th April 2016.  Since then the group has had support from Mark (dad to Mikey, step dad to Adam) and Katie (mum to Nadia and from Bringing Us Together), and Noelle from Respond.

Our main purpose is to campaign for people who are detained and despite our struggles we take great inspiration when things have a positive ending, for example when young people such as Jack, Ryan and Robert are returned to the people who love them so much. But as we campaign we have also been inspired, influenced and driven by other stories too. The story of Connor and Sara that some of you may be familiar with from JusticeforLB, the story of Rosi and Nico who died whilst in supported living and the story of Paula and Thomas whose story was part of our first campaign.

To be honest we are not totally sure where we are going with this journey but wherever it takes us – they will always be with us.

About SevenDaysofAction