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A Trade in People

This week we are running our third 7daysofaction "A Trade in People". The report "A Trade in People" and this weeks campaign has been put together in partnership with Lancaster University and elements of it are being featured on BBC Breakfast. 

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Autumn 2016 - Human

Our second campaign begins with two days that bring us up to date on how things have gone for the people involved in our first campaign. We then go on to look at peoples experiences of life in in-patient provision. We have called this campaign "Human" - its not a question - its a reminder for those that evidently need reminding. 

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April 2016 - 7DaysOfAction

In the Spring of 2016 we highlighted the stories of 7 people with learning disabilities trapped in Assessment and Treatment Units and their families' struggle to return them to their communities. Whilst we were partially successful and managed help get a number of people back - the struggle goes on.