Seven Days of Action

 Dispatches: Under Lock and Key

On Wednesday 1/03/2017 almost six years after Winterbourne View, Channel 4 will be showing a documentary on the care of vulnerable young people in in-patient hospital provision. According to early media reports it highlight's the use of restraint techniques that have been banned, over medication and the lack of progress made since 2011 by Transforming Care.


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Between 2500 and 3000 people with autism and learning difficulties are currently detained in some form of in-patient setting and over 30,000 are at risk of being placed in one.

SevenDaysofAction is:

  • a family led campaign to get people with autism and learning difficulties out of in-patient settings and back into their communities;
  • to keep them in their communities once they are home 
  • and to stop them from having to leave their communities in the first place

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Our Campaigns

In the Spring of 2016 we launched the campaign SevenDaysofAction the campaign that gave this group its name. It was the first of what will be a series of campaigns to highlight the stories of people who are caught in the care system often far away from their families, their communities and the people who love them. Our campaigns are about individuals and the system - people who are deprived of their liberty because of a lack of support and the arbitrariness of a system that fails them. A system that fails to meet its own aspirations and too often hides the stories of our loved ones in-order to protect its own shortcomings.

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Building the Right Support

Transforming Care - Building the Right Support

Building the Right Support is the government's latest attempt to improve the lives of people with learning disabilities in the wake of the Winterbourne View scandal  - after previous attempts to improve things had failed. In this section of the site we will keep track of what is actually going on and whether or not Transforming Care - Building the Right Support is actually delivering the improvements that it promises. We will also track the performance of individual providers in returning people to their communities and consult with families on the services and support that they are being provided with.

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The Things We Know

Once our children become adults, most of the important decisions in their lives will be made by or over seen by experts. Most of these experts will have only met our sons and daughter for short periods of time in most probably in a specific and limited environment. This part of the site is dedicated to the expertise of the people who know a person best. They may be parent's or family members or long term personal assistants. What they have in common is that there expertise is invaluable to any decision making process ...and it is invariably ignored.

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You Are My Child

This song was written by Julie Newcombe and performed by Caroline Kick and I think its very good.

This is a song to describe the anguish and fear, yet also the love and determination, of those parents who have sons and daughters with Autism and Learning Difficulties who are locked away in psychiatric hospitals. Many have been in hospital for years and are damaged by the experience. Some do not come home at all.

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